Opinion Poll #8


Which is your preferred logo to represent the government and people of Tasmania?

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A New Vision For Tasmania


Tasmania is a dynamic place. As an innovative, modern economy it offers unparalleled opportunity and diversity, which is crowned by an iconic, ancient landscape. Read more

Project Update

What a difference a few months can make. We’ve seen a minority government take power in Tasmania, bringing with it an interesting set of new ideas that have influenced our thinking and process.

In response to our first creative pitch, we’ve also experienced some healthy feedback, both positive and negative, which has been invaluable. To our slight surprise, the poll results for the creative pitch have mirrored the previous poll findings, which suggested the Tasmanian Devil is a marginally more popular state symbol than the Thylacine.

More importantly, there is a genuine hunger to find a more contemporary, less pictorial expression of Tasmanian identity, as shown by the relative popularity of the partially abstract “Innovation State” concept, which experienced a winning 45% of the total votes. We received passionate and well reasoned feedback particularly from fellow designers, some of which argued that we didn’t go far enough to discover any new ideas. This is a criticism we cop on the chin, mindful that the first round of ideas were creative expressions of rational opinions, collected through the open forum.

Right now, we are putting the finishing touches on a concept which has evolved out of the Innovation State idea, inspired by everything the project has thrown up so far. It’s a solution we are proud to put our name to, and one we believe is a comprehensive response to the brief. Thanks for being a part of this process, check back soon for our latest creative pitch and your chance to shape the project.

The First Pitch

Opinion Poll #7

Which representation of Tasmanian identity do you think shows the most potential as a new brand for the State Government?

  • Option #2 - The Innovation State (45%, 78 Votes)
  • Option #3 - A Living Icon (29%, 50 Votes)
  • Option #1 - True Tasmanian Spirit (26%, 44 Votes)

Total Voters: 172

Option #1: True Tasmanian Spirit

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Option #2: The Innovation State

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Option #3: A Living Icon

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A Brief Survey of the Landscape

A few quick shots of Bicheno and Freycinet over a wet couple of days. There are a handful of interesting patterns and textures emerging that we’ll be using as inspiration in our design development.


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A Brief Typographic Survey

From antique hand-lettering and stone-carved signage to engraved monuments and contemporary sign-writing, the harbour side city of Hobart boasts a slew typographic treasures for the type-inclined eye.


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Design Update

With the Premier today taking a long, slow drive to Government house, we’re feeling some heat to get our identity options ready for public review. Adam is hot on the case, Andy is currently touring Tas by bicycle (tough for some!) and Vincent, a talented young designer who has been working with us on the project has also just returned from Tas with a swag of great ideas and images, so trust me it is happening…

Imagining the Landscape

ray 1

I was trying to join the dots last night between progression/tradition/landscape in a uniquely Tasmanian context… Read more


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