Visual Research

mood-2Today we are sharing a collection of visual reference that we have been discussing in the studio.

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Sizing Up the Competition

Running alongside our concept development work this week, we have been looking a little closer at the mechanics of how a State Government brand must work competitively. Side by side with other states, up and down with other regions. Read more

A collection of Strong Ideas


After a short break we’ve jumped back into the project with some fresh energy, having now completed both the stage one findings and the creative brief. Sifting through all of the discussion so far, we were quite humbled by the response and are really excited by the creative potential that exists in this swirling mix of thoughts, ideas and opinions.

As with anything on our blog, we are really keen to hear your feedback so don’t be shy. We are currently gathering our thoughts and nutting out the plan of attack for the design phase, so stay tuned as things will be heating up in the coming days and weeks.

Click here to download findings document (PDF)

Click here to download creative brief (PDF)

Imagining Tasmania; through the eyes of Sebastian Guerrini


Big thanks to Sebastian for this evocative window into his imagination.

Thank You

We have now officially concluded the the first phase of our project, having closed off the polls and published all perspective pieces. We have been overwhelmed by the ideas, enthusiasm and support over the past six weeks and now have a heap of valuable information to digest and collate.  But, your input doesn’t stop here… Read more

An Insight Into the Beginnings of Government Brands by Design Researcher Katherine Hepworth

To add a historical perspective on government branding we spoke to Katherine Hepworth, a Swinburne PHD student who is completing a thesis on the topic.


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An International Perspective from Place Branding Expert Sebastian Guerrini

Having tapped into a rich mix of local viewpoints, we thought it was time to hear what an identity designer with a true outsiders perspective had to say about the Tasmanian brand. Read more

Interesting Rail Idea Floated

An interesting idea has been floated in The Mercury today. The obvious question remains to be answered, will it be viable? But great to see some fresh, bold thinking getting a bit of air time regardless.

Opinion Poll # 6

Background: A very important aspect of any brand identity is the colour palette. Whilst it must firstly appeal to the eye, it’s also important that it evokes positive feelings and develops symbolic meaning over time.


Which of these colours depicts a positive representation of Tasmanian wilderness and landscape in your eyes?

  • Pantone 389 (33%, 20 Votes)
  • Pantone 375 (27%, 16 Votes)
  • Pantone 568 (23%, 14 Votes)
  • Pantone 618 (17%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 60

A Quick Chat With Alderman Elise Archer

Elise Archer was elected as an Alderman of Hobart City Council in October 2007 and is a Liberal candidate for Denison in the 2010 Tasmanian State Election. Below is a snapshot of her views on the topic of Tas. Read more

Dear Tim

Last Friday, after a solid week of coverage and discussion, our project attracted some scrutiny from Tim Sauer of Sandy Bay, via a letter to the editor in The Mercury. Below is the letter and then my response. Read more

Big Dave Foster Weighs in on the Debate

dave copy

When it comes to legendary Tasmanians, there is probably no bigger name than world champion axemen David Foster OAM. Read more


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